Benefits of Choosing Danco Screen Service:
1) Family owned and operated.
2) Free estimates, no obligation, modest prices and all work guaranteed!     
3) Professional, courteous and we always get to our appointments in a timely
4) We offer only the best quality name brand screen products.    
5) All of our window screens and screen doors will fit correctly and the sliding  
screen doors will move freely. We sell three styles of sliding screen doors. The
Century is heavy duty and the strongest screen door. The 1 3/4 is standard
grade and the roll formed is a light weight screen door. There are many styles
of swinging screen doors to choose from. Reel Screens is the name brand of
retractable screen door that we have chosen to sell to our customers. We
believe it to be the finest of all the brand names of retractable screen doors on
the market today. It has extra features which makes it surpass the other brands.
6) Danco will provide you with every window and screen door product that you
need, with the service that you deserve. We value our customers.
Danco Screen Service
1) Window Screens And Screen Doors: Whether
You Would Like To Update Your Windows And
Screen Doors With New Screens Or Make Your
Existing Screens Look Better By Re-screening
Them, We Provide A Free Estimate With No
Obligation To Purchase.
A) Window Screens
B) Sliding Patio Screen Doors
C) Swinging Hinged Screen Doors
D) Retractable Screen Doors. We Sell The Reel
Screens Brand.

2) Pet Guards: These Are A Great Way To Protect
The Screen Mesh On Your Doors From Damage
Due To Your Pets. They Come In A Number Of
Colors; White, Gray, Anadized, Bronze, Tan, Black
And Adobe.


3) Pet Doors: This Is A Terrific Way Of Allowing
Your Pet The Freedom And Accessibility To Enter
And Exit Your Home As It Wishes, Without Letting
In Any Unwanted Flies Or Other Bugs. If At Any
Time You Choose To Keep Your Pet In Or Out Of
Your House, You Can Easily Use The Stopper In
The Pet Door. This Will Allow No Entering Or
Exiting The Pet Door.

4) Pet Screens: Pet Screen Mesh Is 7 Times
Stronger Than Regular Screen Mesh And Will Make
It Much Harder For Your Pet To Scratch, Tear Or
Rip It. This Comes In 2 Colors, Gray And Black.

5) Fiberglass Insect Screen Mesh: This Is What Is
Normally Used, But On Request, We Can Use
Aluminum Screen Mesh. This Is Used Sometime
For People Who Have A Problem With Rodents Or
Other Animals That Are Scratching Or Chewing The
Screens. We Also Carry Suntex Solar Screen.   
Suntex Screen Is A Unique, Heavy Duty Woven
Mesh That Blocks 80-90% Of The Sun's Harmful
Rays Before They Enter Your Window And Doors.
Suntex Is Available In 5 Different Colors; Black,
Gray, Beige, Brown And Stucco.  Window and
Screen Door Frames Come In a Number Of Colors;
White, Gray, Anodized, Bronze, Tan And Adobe.
You Can Also Get Doors In The Color Black But Not
In Window Screens. The Fiberglass Screen Mesh
Comes In Two Colors, Gray Or Charcoal.  

6) Re-Screening:  If The Frames Of Your Existing
Window Screens Or Screen Doors Are Not Bent,
Broken Or Weak From Age, We Have A Mobile
Service That Will Come To Your Home And
Re-Screen Them. Re-Screening Your Existing
Screen Frames Will Provide You A Savings Over A
Complete Screen Replacement.
  (310) 251-1458
South Bay's #1 Resource for Disappearing Retractable
Screen Doors, Swinging Hinged Screen Doors, Patio
Sliding Screen Doors and Window Screens.
Your Wonderful Home Deserves
New Screens to Enhance their
Beauty and Place a Sparkle on each
and Every Patio Door and Window!
We use Pride pet doors. Strong-heavy duty
extruded aluminum frame.
Versatile and adapt easily to fit sliding and
swinging doors.
Safe-long life, flexible dual action rubber panel
stays closed.
Embedded magnets keep door closed, prevents
drafts and keeps dust and insects out.
Finishes; Standard satin anadized, bronze, tan,
white and black.
Pet doors come in 4 sizes.
Pet guards are strong and will protect the mesh.

Apollo is the most commonly used.
Imperial is a bit more sturdy.
Superguard is heavy duty for large, strong and
problematic pets.
Fiberglass mesh comes in two
colors, charcoal and gray.