Retractable Screen Doors

Virtually Invisible

  1. Screens virtually disappear when not in use! Screens, when not in use, are protected from dirt, UV light and weather.
  2. Easy opening for both children and adults of any height. Smooth and easy retraction all the time.
  3. Screens expand upon impact preventing damaged screens or personal injury.
  4. Retractable screens will fit almost any doorway or window opening, in swinging or out swinging.
  5. We custom size every window and screen door to acquire a perfect fit, each and every time.
  6. Genius housings are small and specifically designed to rest on the surface or in the recess area of any door or window  where they remain virtually unnoticeable.
  7. Top and bottom thick insect pile keeps the bugs out!
  8. Full length rust-proof magnetic seal.
  9. No lubrication required + low maintenance.
  10. Powder coated finish gives a better, long lasting appearance  with a variety of colors to match your existing door color.
  11. Adjustable handle height.
  12. Available built in hydraulic dampener. No slamming of the screen if accidentally released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the screen go?

The screen mesh is on an aluminum tube that the mesh rolls on. It retracts and hides in an aluminum housing that is mounted in the recessed area of the door or window opening.

If I have double doors can I keep one of the screens locked?

Yes, we insert a slide lock which is designed to temporarily fix the stationary side of the opening. This allows you to enter using only one of the screens.

What holds the screen in place?

Opposing magnets extend the full height of the  door opening and when they are joined together, the screen stays locked in position.

Is it okay to keep the screens in use all the time?

No, we recommend that when you are not at home using the screens, they should be retracted. By retracting the screens, you are protecting the mesh from the outdoor elements that can decrease the life.

Can I put one screen on French doors?

Depending on the size of the total opening and the amount of wind a single screen can sometimes be installed on a double opening. The installer makes the final decision on whether or not it is recommended.

Where is the screen installed?

Typically the screen is installed inside the jamb area of the door. By being mounted in the recessed area of the door or window opening the screen framework blends in with existing structure.

Can the screen mesh be fixed if torn?

Yes, we can re-screen the mesh if it becomes damaged.

Can I get a custom color?

Yes, custom colors are available for an additional charge.